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  • Who can attend camp?
    We welcome campers and volunteers who are girls (cis or trans), transgender youth (of any identity), and gender-nonconforming/non-binary youth. If you’re unsure if that umbrella covers you, just ask! We will meet you with kindness and respect. Additionally, we trust you to identify yourself/your child and do NOT require any “proof” of your gender.
  • What's the point of camp?
    Girls Rock Detroit is all about breaking down stereotypes, creating a supportive and encouraging environment, taking creative risks, and creating positive social change in our community.
  • Do you need music experience to attend camp or other programs?
    No! No music experience is required for Girls Rock Detroit programming. Music is for everyone.
  • Can you make sure my camper is in a band with their friends?
    We take requests such as this into consideration when facilitating band formation, but ultimately leave the decision of who will be in a band up to the campers. If you are concerned that your camper will be grouped into a band with someone they don’t get along with, please reach out to us! We take care to ensure that campers talk with each other and meet new people with respect and openness. Keep in mind that an important part of the camp experience is learning to make new friends and collaborate with people whose perspectives and experiences may be different from their own. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment to all campers and strongly encourage everyone at camp (youth and adults alike) to engage with new friends as much as possible. Please note that our band formation process occurs at camp with all campers present, so pre-forming bands is not possible.
  • Do you offer private lessons?
    We don’t offer private lessons at this time, but we do have a referral list including many of our camp volunteers! Please send us an email at to learn.
  • Besides music, what else do you teach?"
    We host workshops at camp and in other programs that focus on topics related to playing and composing music with a band, building self-esteem, and exploring what it means to be a girl or transperson making music. Past workshops have included songwriting, performance and stage presence, gender and inclusion, the history of women in rock, art and activism, and t-shirt surgery.
  • I wish I had this when I was a kid!
    We’ve got the next best thing: We Rock Detroit Camp for adults! This is just like camp, but held over four days.

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