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Rock Roulette

Rock Roulette is a totally rad showcase event that helps support GRD's mission of empowering girls, women, trans and non-binary individuals through creative expression, fostering self-esteem, and to help individuals become confident and engaged members of their communities! 


No musical experience is necessary! GRD prides itself in being a welcoming environment for individuals to try something new, learn about music, and stay fearless! All genres of music are welcome – whether you want to play Hip Hop, Rock, Punk, Jazz, Rap, Blues, Funk, Metal, Folk, Electronica, Hardcore, Mariachi... the possibilities are endless. Additionally, GRD is happy to help lend gear to anyone that doesn't have what they need and will offer support and guidance to everyone in the songwriting & practice process.


Here's how it works...

APPLY: We'll place musicians into bands based on schedule, instruments, location, musical interests, and a balance of musical experience. Applications close Sunday, September 3rd!

THE KICK-OFF: Come to a fun gathering on Sunday, September 10th from 4pm-6pm at the Outer Limits Lounge (5507 Caniff St, Detroit 48212) to meet your band and other 2023 RR comrades, create community agreements and brainstorm your fundraising tactics!

PRACTICE, PROMOTE & FUNDRAISE! You have 8 weeks to create a short set of originals and one cover - 15 minutes max - and ask all your friends to sponsor your cool new music group via your own fundraising page.


THE SHOWCASE: Event location TBD! You'll rock out on the first weekend of November –exact date/time and location is still in the works! Your hard work will help RR reach our fundraising goal of $10,000!!


All music groups will win fun awards, and the group that fundraises the most money will be recognized with a TOP-SECRET prize!


We are a trans-inclusive space that encourages women and non-binary individuals who are 18 and older to sign up. We welcome and encourage individuals of any race and ethnicity to participate in the event and embrace diversity. While we'd like to reserve the stage for women, trans, and non-binary folks, we welcome Cisgender Men to participate in non-performing roles (e.g. promotor, donor, event volunteer, sponsor liaison, merch seller, etc!)


Questions? Concerns? Just want to express your overwhelming excitement? 

Email us at

We Need Your Support Today!

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