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Thank you for your interest in hosting an event benefiting Girls Rock Detroit (GRD). Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, GRD continue to foster creative expression, positive self-esteem and community awareness for girls, women, gender non-conforming, and transgender youth through music education and performance. . There are many ways you can help Girls Rock Detroit, and we look forward to working with you!

The Approval Process

All events must go through an approval process. Please contact a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. The Girls Rock Detroit name or logo may not be used until the event has been approved.

  • Please read our fundraiser policy here.

  • Fill out the fundraiser approval form here.

  • Or contact a member of GRD. You can email us: 

  • When inquiring about a partnership, please provide us with a list of sponsors that you will be soliciting for your event.

  • We'll follow up with you to obtain information about your event. The more information you can provide us with, the better!

  • Your event info will be reviewed by the GRD Camp Organizers and Board of Directors. You will be contacted to let you know if your event has been approved.


  • All events must be in line with Girls Rock Detroit’s mission, which can be found on our website (

  • Girls Rock Detroit’s name, logo, etc. may only be used with written permission. We can provide a folder of downloadable logos approved for use.

  • Girls Rock Detroit must only be named as the beneficiary of the event, not as the host. For example, you should call your event “Karaoke Party to benefit Girls Rock Detroit” rather than “Girls Rock Detroit's Karaoke Party”.

  • The goal of all events in which GRD is listed as sole/primary recipient should be to net a minimum of 50% of the gross income of the event, though actual proceed amounts may vary by event.

  • All event-related promotional materials (posters, flyers,etc) used by an event sponsor must be approved by GRD prior to use. Please ask your GRD contact for details.

  • If you plan to solicit sponsorship support for your event, please discuss it with your GRD contact.

  • GRD may not incur any costs for the event.

  • Event hosts may not keep any portion of the proceeds for profit or compensation for putting on the event.

  • Proceeds must be presented to GRD within 30 days of the event, unless otherwise agreed to prior to the event. All monetary transactions for the special event will be handled by the sponsoring group.

  • Proceeds cannot be earmarked for specific expenses

  • All staffing and volunteers for the special event will be provided by and will be the responsibility of the sponsoring group unless otherwise agreed to prior to the event.

Camper posing at Girls Rock Detroit camp

How Girls Rock Detroit Can Support Your Event

  • Provide event planning guidance and expertise

  • Promote the event on the GRD website and social media networks

  • Provide GRD publicity materials such as buttons, stickers & brochures

  • Issue IRS-compliant receipts to donors as appropriate

  • Provide formal acknowledgement of a contribution to donors who make their check payable to Girls Rock Detroit

  • Provide a folder of the GRD logo in multiple downloadable formats

  • Write a letter showing our support of your event

We Need Your Support Today!

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