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Volunteer Asks 2022

Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering with GRD! Here’s what we need right now:


Be a techie for a Digital Workshop. Log in early and assist attendees with tech issues, such as sound and video, when they arise. Bonus: attend a GRD digital workshop for free! Check out our upcoming workshops at, and email to volunteer.


Social Media! There’s always lots to do in this department. The most accessible way to support GRD is to share our posts and events to your personal pages and groups. You can also send us music, social justice, and Detroit event related things to share via messenger! We love to be kept in the loop!


Performance! If you are a performer of any kind who would like to offer a (family friendly) livestream in collaboration with GRD, we’re here for it! Email to organize!


Host a fundraiser! Do it FB Birthday style, or invite GRD to collect donations at your events!


Rep & Collect! Be someone who represents and collects donations for GRD at events about town!

  1. Contact the event organizers and get permission to set up shop. 

  2. Email and request a form and event bundle: cash box, banner, and portable table.

  3. Pick up the event bundle (or we can have it dropped to you) and do the thing!  

  4. Return the event bundle to GRD. 


When GRD live events can safely be resumed, there will be a lot more volunteer items on this list! Please sign up for our monthly newsletters at and keep an eye on this page for updates! 


We Need Your Support Today!

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